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For this year, we have focused our collection on two fabrics, ikkat and bandhni, combined with our trademark kantha embroidery on jute.

Ikkat is a style of weaving fabrics, that is widespread in parts of southern and southeastern India and is rapidly becoming popular globally.

Bandhni which literally means 'to tie', is the traditional tie-dye style from India’s western and northwestern desert regions. With its vibrant colors, bandhni has made our product line vibrant!

Besides our explorations with fabrics, we’ve innovated with our products as well. Our ethnic backpack was featured at the ‘Destination New' exhibit this year while our very popular up-cycled sari bag packaging was featured at the 'Sustainability: Design for a Better World’exhibit at NYNOW. And on popular demand, we also converted it into an offering.

We have ventured into collaborative design efforts with our clients as well, through products like the gift card pouch that is also one of our …

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